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Conditions Concerning Admission and
Teaching of Foreign Students
in Georgian Technical University
on the Paid Basis

Georgian Technical University has been performing the training of
the foreign students from 1975. During this period more then 600
specialists have been trained from 35 countries. They successfully
continue their work abroad as well as in their native countries.
The students are being trained at the following Faculties and Institutes
of Georgian Technical University:


  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Power Engineering
  3. Mining and Geology
  4. Information Technology and Control Systems
  5. Transportation
  6. Hydraulic Engineering
  7. Metallurgy
  8. Telecommunications
  9. Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
10. Mechanical Engineering
11. Physics-Engineering and Electronics
12. Humanitarian -Technical


 1.  Architecture
 2.  Aviation

The University has been training students in 120 specialities (see
appendix), according to international standard programs and
Besides, the students have been trained at evening and
correspondence faculties.  The duration of study for awarding the
Bachelor's Degree is 4-5 years.
The University study languages are Georgian, English, German,
French and Russian.

Please, note that English language faculties are: 

     French Faculty:       German Faculty:       Georgian and Russian Faculties:  There is a Preparatory Department at GTU for foreign students.
According to their wish, the students study Georgian, Russian or
English languages. The curriculum also includes the general
technical subjects (mathematics, Physics, Engineering Graphics,
Chemistry, Informatics and drawing), necessary to continue the study
at the chosen faculties.
The students are admitted to the Preparatory Department after
interview in mathematics and physics. After completion the
Preparatory faculty, the student passes exams in the subjects he
had studied during the course.
Foreign students (citizens) who speak Georgian, English, German,
Russian or French in case of passing the exams in main subjects,
are directly admitted to the first course.
Georgian Technical University ensures the students with: The minimum living expenses for foreigners in Tbilisi is monthly
US$ 150.
The foreign students have to pay fee for their study at GTU. The
fee must be paid as soon as the student is admitted to the
University. They also can pay fee every term. The fee must be paid
in Georgian currency (Lari), which is: Besides it is possible to admit students at the above mentioned
faculties according to the particular speciality.
We'd like to inform you that due to the existed circumstances we're
able to get 30 students to the hostel of GTU. We can help other
students to get accommodation in the private sector.
We inform you additionally that GTU trains students for Master's
Degree. There also exists a post-graduate course. The fee depends
on  the speciality. The problem is discussed according to the particular
Besides we can teach students English, Georgian, and Russian
languages according to their wish. These students can be certified
as an interpreter-referent and guide interpreter.
The duration of the study at the mentioned faculties is 3-6 months or a
year. The fee for the courses is US$ 150, 250 and 400  according
to the duration of study.

 Faculty of Civil Engineering:

  1. Engineering
  2. Civil and Industrial Engineering
  2. Economics and Management of Civil Engineering
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. CAD in Engineering
  5. Structural Construction
  6. Construction Machines and Equipment
  7. Water Supply
  8. Efficient Use of Water Resources
  9. Hydraulic Engineering
10. Heating and Ventilation Systems
11. Automated Designing Systems of Construction
12. Road and Highway Construction
13. Technical Diagnostics and Examination of Damages in Structures

 Faculty of Power Engineering:

  1. Management in Energetics
  2. Power Stations
  3. Electric Power Systems and Networks
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Electric Appliances
  6. Electric Supply for Urban and Rural Enterprises
  7. Automation of Electrical Drives of Industrial Plants and Engineering
      Complexes of Thermal Power Stations
  8. Industrial Thermal Power Engineering
  9. Thermal Power Stations
 Faculty of Mining-Geology:

  1. Management in Geology and Mining
  2. Applied Geology
  3. Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology
  4. Geology of Oil and Natural Gas
  5. Prospecting and Survey of Mineral Resource Deposits
  6. Mine Surveying
  7. Technology of Prospecting of Mineral Resources
  8. Mineral Resources Dressing
  9. Underground's Structures and Mine Constructions
10. Strip Mining
11. Treatment and Application of Oil and Gas
12. Mining Machines and Equipment
13. Application of Automation Systems in in Geologic Designing
14. Automation of Industrial Plants and Technological Complexes
15. Geological Survey
16. Underground Mining of Mineral Resources

  Faculty of Information Technology and
                                    Control Systems:

  1. Informatics in Economics
  2. Bioengineering and Medical Instruments and Systems
  3. Metrology
  4. Information Measurment Engineering
  5. Automation and Control in Engineering Systems
  6. Data Processing and Automated Control Systems
  7. Automated Organization Control Systems
  8. Computers
  9. Design and Production of Computing Instruments
10. Automated Control of Technological Process
11. Design of Automation Facilities
12. Design of Video Computing Systems
13. Transformers of Measuring Systems
14. Quality Control and Standardization
15. Operation and Maintenance of Medical Equipment

 Faculty of Transportation:

  1. Management in Transportation 
  2. Car Building and Car Maintenance
  3. Electric Supply for Railroads
  4. Electric Transport
  5. Telemechanics and Communication Systems
  6. Transportation Arrangement and Automobile Transportation Control
  7. Automobiles and Their Maintenance
  8. Regulation of Traffic
  9. Construction of  Highways and Airdromes
10. Automation of Rail Transport
11. Bridges and Transportation Tunnels
12. Engineer - Economist
13. Railroad Construction
14. Railway Maintenance

   Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering:

  1. Water Supply
  2. Efficient Use of Water Resources
  3. Hydraulic Engineering
  4. Heating and Ventilation Systems
  5. Automated Designing Systems of Constructions
 Faculty of Metallurgy:

  1. Non-ferrous Metal Science
  2. Ferrous Metal Science
  3. Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals Foundry
  4. Technology and Equipment for Thermal Processing of Metal 
  5. Technology and Metallurgy of Welding Engineering
  6. Compound and  and Powdery Materials
  7. Machines and Technology for Plastic Metal Working
  8. Metal Science
  9. Automation of Metallurgy Production Technology
10. Metallurgy of Ferrous Metals
11. Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals
12. Precision Metallurgy
 Faculty of Telecommunications:

  1. Radio Engineering
  2. Technology and Design of Radioelctronic Devices
  3. Automated Electrocommuications
  4. Multichannel Electrocommunications
  5. Radio and Television Broadcasting
  6. Economics and Management in Telecommunications
  7. Long Distance Telecommunications
  8. Radio Communication

 Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology:

  1. Pharmacy
  2. Technology of Organic Matter
  3. Chemical Technology of Inorganic Matter
  4. Technology of Electrochemical Production
  5. Chemistry and Technology of Biomedical Polymers
  6. Technology of Refractory Inorganic and Silicate Materials
  7. Biotechnology
  8. Effective Use of Natural Resources and Production Ecology
  9. Technology and Production of Materials used in Stomatology and
10. Technology of Milk and Milk Products
11. Technology of Bread, Macaroni, Confectionery and Food
      Concentrated Products
12. Chemical Technology of Structures
13. Technology of Fragile Inorganic Products
14. Pure Substances and Reagents
15. Concentrated Products

 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:

  1. Technology of Mechanical Engineering
  2. Metal Cutting Machine Tools
  3. Food Production Machines and Equipment
  4. Low Temperature Engineering Physics
  5. Technological Machines and Complexes of Mechanical Engineering
  6. Professional Teaching and Engineering Disciplines in
      Mechanical Engineering
  7. Food Production Machines and Equipment
  8. Automation of Mechanical Engineering Technological Process and
  9. Wood Working Technology
10. Technology of Modeling of Garment
11. Technology of Treatment and Modeling of Leather Products

 Faculty of Physics - Engineering
                                   and Electronics:

  1. Applied Mathematics
  2. Solid Physics
  3. Physics of Metals
  4. Heat Physics
  5. Microelectronics and Semiconductor Devices
  6. Industrial Electronics
  7. Physics and Technology of Hardware Components

  Humanitarian-Technical Faculty:

  1. Public Administration
  2. International Business Law
  3. Journalism in Technical Fields
  4. Languages and Translation
  5. Video-Films Director
  6. Public Relations
  7. TV Reporter
  8. Auditing
  9. Technical Expertise of Artefacts
10. Banking and Accounting
11. International Economics
12. International Economics
13. Hotel and Resorts' Management
14. German Faculty of Business Law
15. Georgian-American Institute of Public Administration
16. TACIS College for In-Service Training

 Institute of Architecture:

  1. Architecture
  2. Urbanism
  3. Architecture of Residential Buildings
  4. Design

 Institute of Aviation:

  1. International Law (Custom Law, Financial Law,
      Transportation Law) US$ 1000
  2. Air transport Management US$ 1000
  3. Aircraft Building US$ 1500
  4. Flying Vehicles and Engines Technical Exploitation (Russian)
      US$ 1500
  5. Computers and Aircraft Flying Control and Automated Systems
      Control US$ 1500
  6. Aircraft Radio electric Devices Technical Exploitation
      US$ 1000
  7. Transportation Organization and Aircraft Control US$ 1000
  8. Flying Vehicles and Engines Flying Exploitation full course
      US$ 20 000

  If You desire to enter Georgian Technical University,
  please fill in the Registration Form or apply to the
  Department of International Relations

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