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Welcome to the
Department of Intenational

   The Department establishes contacts with foreign higher
   educational institutions, organizations and firms in the field
   of education, science, technology, sports and culture.
   The Deanery for Foreign Students provides training of
   foreign students, post-graduates, research fellows.
   Duties of the Department of International Relations also
   include reception of foreign specialists and delegations,
   sends students, post-graduates, research fellows and
   teachers' staff of GTU on a business trips and for graduate
   study abroad.

   Some of the foreign alumni are employed not only in their
   native countries, but also in both, private and state sectors
   in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Turkey, India,
   Pakistan, Indonesia, Arabia and many other countries.

    Contact Contact us:

   Department of Intenational Relations,
   Georgian Technical University
   77 Kostava Street, 380075, Tbilisi

   Tel/Fax: (995 32) 93 31 53
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